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Kestrel Aero Executes Its First Mass Evacuation from Diego Garcia to Manila Amidst COVID-19

Navigating the New Normal:

As the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the world, international travel restrictions and lockdowns became the new norm. Many individuals found themselves stranded in foreign countries, far from their loved ones and support systems. Recognizing the urgency and gravity of the situation, Kestrel was tasked to initiate a mass evacuation of 13 personnel from the island of Diego Garcia back to their home in Manila, Philippines. These personnel were desperately trying to get back to their homeland and to be with their families and friends but could not leave due to all the restrictions of travel out of Diego Garcia and into the Philippines.

The Complexity of the Operation:

Executing a mass evacuation is no small feat, particularly during a global health crisis. The logistical challenges posed by COVID-19, including limited flight options, enhanced safety protocols, and ever-evolving travel restrictions, demanded meticulous planning and coordination. Kestrel's dedicated team worked tirelessly to overcome these obstacles and ensure a smooth and safe transition for all 13 passengers.

Prioritizing Clients Safety:

The primary concern throughout the evacuation process was the safety and health of the personnel. We collaborated with local authorities, health organizations, and aviation experts to devise a comprehensive plan that adhered to the highest safety standards. Rigorous health screenings, regular testing, and adherence to social distancing guidelines were implemented to mitigate the risk of virus transmission.

Going Above and Beyond:

Kestrel's commitment to its clients extended beyond the logistical aspects of the evacuation. Emotional support and reassurance played a crucial role in alleviating the stress and anxiety associated with the situation. Regular communication channels were established, ensuring the client and the personnel had up-to-date information and resources to navigate the evolving circumstances.


The first mass evacuation from Diego Garcia to Manila undertaken by Kestrel Aero during the COVID-19 pandemic was an extraordinary feat that showcased the company's commitment to their clients and its ability to overcome complex logistical challenges. By prioritizing safety, demonstrating adaptability, and showing unwavering support, the company ensured the well-being of its client and personnel during an incredibly challenging time. This historic operation will be remembered as a shining example of resilience and compassion in the face of adversity.

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