Investment Opportunity

Kestrel Holdings Limited (KHL) is currently seeking Tranche 3 funding, to improve competitiveness and raise standards in premium air ambulance and executive charter services.

Our key to success is our expertise, maintaining high standards of quality and safety while keeping costs lean. Kestrel Holdings has the advantage of a strong business model designed for a growing business opportunity.


Most of Kestrel Holdings’ activities will be dedicated to air ambulance (aeromedical evacuation), a special mission operation which our personnel have requisite training and experience in. The business model maintains flexibility for executive charter and other missions (e.g. special cargo transport) where demand dictates. Invested funds are estimated to experience double-digit growth of returns on a year on year basis.

If you would like to speak with us on investment opportunities, kindly contact us at:


Call: +65 9105 4322, +65 9687 1151