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For 24/7 Air Ambulance support, please call +(65) 8714 4148

Kestrel Holdings provides 24/7 swift and reliable air ambulance services with our rapid response team for both emergency and non-emergency cases.

Contact us at +(65) 8714 4148 or
The Kestrel Team

Kestrel Holdings was formed by experienced veterans in aviation and aeromedical care.

Private Charter

With our first-class service, we ensure our clients are received and flown to their destination swiftly and comfortably.

Air Ambulance Services

We deliver swift and reliable air ambulance services to meet your medical emergency needs. Our services ensure our clients are provided with first-class service and comfortable experience.

About Kestrel Holdings Limited

Kestrel Holdings Limited “Kestrel Holdings” was started from a collective passion for seamless mission coordination, and a shared desire to serve those in need, be it a medical emergency or a time-critical executive/special-cargo situation.